'Generations of Freeskiing' Is Now on Red Bull TV

From hot-dogging to ski-ballet to slopestyle to urban jams, relive the last 50 years of ski.
By Theo Lewitt

Like any action sport, skiing has seen it's fair share of day-glow spandex and questionable stylistic direction. That said, we reflect on those times in a positive light, reminiscing on the good ol' days where neon flash was welcomed with open arms and witnessed through wraparound shades with reflective lenses.

In Red Bull TV's latest deep dive into the world of ski, "Generations of Freeskiing," we peel back each layer within the last five decades of skiing, employing a number of the sport's current talents to relive each momentous generation.

Skiers such as Jon Olsson, Henrik Windstedt, Nick Goepper, Jesper Tjäder, Bene Mayr, Lisa Zimmermann and Viktoria Rebensburg pay homage to the greatest eras of freeskiing, appreciating yesterday’s heroes. The theme is progression, reflecting on those who pushed the sport to new heights time and time again. So, take a trip back in time! Relive the glory days in styles of the past, authentically re-created on original equipment, tights and all.

 Watch the full film now on Red Bull TV

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