Watch: Victoria Azarenka plays ball in New York

Watch women's tennis player Victoria Azarenka try wall ball before taking part in a photo shoot.

The world number two was in New York earlier this month ahead of her exhibition match against Serena Williams at Madison Square Garden.

In this all-access clip, Azarenka allows the camera to chronicle her practice session held inside Grand Central Station's Vanderbilt Tennis Club.

She then takes a more unique approach to practice, taking on Tim "Timbo" Gonzalez, the number one wall ball player in the world and the US national champion, in a match on NYC's popular hand ball courts.

Before beginning play, Gonzalez and Azarenka whipped out their respective balls to compare sizes... Azarenka noted that her ball was bigger than the bouncy, rubber version used in American-style handball.

While the Belarus-born Azarenka played with her trusted racket, Gonzalez relied on his bare hands in a competitive back-and-forth match. In the end, "Timbo" slipped by Azarenka - with her already looking forward to a rematch down the road.

After her on-court adventures, Azarenka slipped into more fashionable attire for a fun photo shoot.

Since winning the Australian Open last month, the 23-year old Azarenka has also won the Qatar Total Open, beating her main rival, Serena Williams, in three sets.

Victoria Azarenka poses with Timbo at the West 4th Street Courts in the Manhattan borough of New York City, USA, on March 2, 2013.
Victoria Azarenka and Tim Gonzalez in NYC © Rob Tringali/Red Bull Content Pool
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