No Ordinary BASE Jump to Launch Red Bull Flugtag

Here's a GoPro POV video of Miles Daisher BASE jumping inside the Gaylord Hotel.

"I've been dreaming up an indoor BASE jump for about 10 years," said Miles Daisher, who jumped inside -- yes, inside! -- the Gaylord Hotel in Washington, DC, last Thursday to help kick off Red Bull Flugtag.

Daisher, who set a BASE jumping record in 2005 by launching 57 times in a single day, scouted the Marriott in New York City's Times Square for this exact kind of jump four years ago. In February, he looked at the Gaylord Hotel and after signing a contract with hotel management in March, Daisher set about mocking up the jump in his home in Twin Falls, Idaho.

"The Perrine Bridge in my backyard is a great place to train BASE jumping for all kinds of jumps. It was hit and miss on the weather, with limited time to train for the Gaylord jump. I did many jumps in snow or rain to get the right wind conditions to test flying the distances in the mock-up course. In two months, I was able to rehearse 67 times for the Gaylord jump."

The results speak for themselves. Daisher nailed the jump, navigating his flight path perfectly down from the top of the hotel, through the fountain and touching down squarely on the landing pad. Now you can watch it from Daisher's point of view.

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