Bomber vs Symbol in the Ro8 at WCS Korea

Bomber is experiencing a resurgence and now it's up to him to carry the StarTale banner.
Bomber - Action
StarTale Bomber skydiving © Larry Yount/Red Bull Media House

Bomber's been a player known for being streaky. When he's hot, he's really hot, and when he's cold, he all but vanishes from view for a while. But he always comes back. And if there's one thing you can always count on, it's that when he does he does so with a bang. Enjoying more success outside of Korea than at home in GSL, Bomber now has reached the Round of 8 for the first time since his Code S debut two years ago. Now that Life, the team's golden boy, has been knocked out of the tournament at the hands of INnoVation and PartinG, Bomber alone remains to represent his team in WCS Korea. This time, it's Bomber's show.

His opponent will be AZUBU's Symbol, last season's runner-up. One of the strongest Zergs all throughout the closing months of Wings, Symbol has more than proven his worth in Heart of the Swarm in reaching the Round of 8 on his own. Currently 11-4 in broadcast Heart of the Swarm matches, with wins over incredibly strong Terran opponents such as GuMiho in the Ro16 and Bomber himself in the GSTL, Symbol's ZvT in particular has always been something to be feared. And Bomber hasn't exactly been known for his TvZ throughout his career.

Choi "Bomber" Ji-Sung
StarTale Bomber © SonStar/Red Bull Media House

Even so, we've been seeing hints of a different Bomber recently than the one we've been used to. Though he's stumbled a few times along the way, Bomber is in the Round of 8 again. And it's not as though his road was easy. He's taken down extremely strong players along the way, and for the first time in two years is in the top eight of the toughest tournament in the world. He has been showing play as powerful as any other Terran out there, but with that characteristic Bomber energy to it. With the matches we've seen out of both him and his opponent, this match could go either way. A 3-2, hard fought series feels inevitable. And Bomber just might be able to do it. His fans have been waiting for this moment since he smashed through Code A to reach his first Code S, all the way back in May of 2011.

It's about time that Bomber fans finally had something to cheer about again.

You can watch the matches tonight, at 1:10 a.m. PDT at

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