Red Bull Winch Sessions Rocks the Lost River Cave

Brian Grubb adds his own spin to the history of Kentucky's Lost River Cave.

© Garrett Cortese/Red Bull Content Pool

Brian Grubb is truly an innovator and pioneer in the sport of wakeskating. In our latest episode of Red Bull Winch Sessions, Grubb found himself in the Lost River Cave in Bowling Green, Kentucky, with Andrew Pastura and Ben Horan. Bats scattered overhead as they made their way over scattered rocks and into the depths of the natural jewel of the Midwest.

"Before we got into the cave I figured it would probably be a small area to ride in and really cold water," said Grubb. But once we got in there and saw what we were dealing with we were all pretty pumped on the set-up. The room was plenty big enough to get up to speed, hit the rail, and ride out the landing. The guys did a great job lighting the cave so it was easy to see and once you got going it wasn't even that cold in the cave.”

Brian Grubb in action at the Lost River Cave
Brian Grubb Wakeskating the Lost River Cave© Garrett Cortese / Red Bull Content Pool

Lost River Cave is on the National Register of Historic Places: a prehistoric and historic archaeological site. The cave was used as a Civil War camp by armies from both the North and South. The infamous outlaw Jessie James made use of the space as a hideout. From 1934 to the early 1960s locals even used the Kentucky oasis as a nightclub retreat.

"It’s not every day you get an opportunity to session a rail in a location as unique as a cave," Grubb continued. "Getting to ride down there for a few hours was the best part. Andrew and Ben were super fun to watch and killed it on the rail.

"This is certainly one of the absolute coolest places I’ve ever wakeskated. Being underground at night is challenge enough, but if you throw in the almost mystic story behind Lost River Cave, it is a wild experience I’ll never forget.”

The concept of Red Bull Winch Sessions is simple: producers challenge the world's best wakeboarders, snowboarders, paragliders, and more to see what happens when they apply the insane acceleration created by a high-powered winch to their respective sports.

Thanks to Alliance Wake Magazine for helping to make this latest episode of Red Bull Winch Sessions a great experience for everyone involved.

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