Flipping Helicopter Shocks San Diego Residents

    Although appearing out of control to some, Chuck Aaron's heli was executing precise trick moves.
Aerobatic helicopter pilot Chuck Aaron flying in Las Vegas
Chuck Aaron flying in Las Vegas © Garth Milan/Red Bull Content Pool
By redbull.com

While in town to perform for the Naval Helicopter Society (NHS), aerobatic pilot Chuck Aaron (an NHS member himself) raised a few eyebrows and dropped a few jaws while in the skies over San Diego last week, which you can see in this video.

While news program Fox & Friends reported that residents had been "shocked to see a helicopter flipping over and apparently losing control in the sky," it was indeed simply Aaron going through several of his standard aerobatic moves.

As the only helicopter pilot licensed in the U.S. to do tricks like that, it's safe to say that Aaron knows exactly what he's doing and is in full control.

Check out Chuck's 2013 show schedule -- it's even better when you see him in person.

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