Playing tag-team Connect Four with Rajon Rondo

We put Rajon Rondo in a room with Sal Masekela and Brian Kamenetzky to play a game of Connect Four.
By Roel Concepcion

We miss Rajon Rondo. We haven’t seen him in a Celtics uniform since he partially tore his ACL earlier this year and watching the playoffs isn’t the same without him on the court – there’s nothing like a Rondo-led momentum swinging play. YouTube “Rajon Rondo playoff highlights,” and you’ll be treated to some special basketball heroics.

We sat down with the all-star point guard recently -- along with Red Bull Signature Series host Sal Masekala and basketball contributor Brian Kamenetzky -- to talk about Rondo’s relationship with head coach Doc Rivers, his outstanding Algebra skills, and how he mastered the game of Connect Four.

Too bad we didn't get to ask him about his take on Sasha Go Hard's tribute song to him, appropriately entitled "Rondo." That's for next time.

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