The Red Bull Wake Open Art Project

Using wakeboards as their canvas, we asked a selection of artists "What gives you wings?"

The Wake Art Project is the merging of art and sport; a collaboration between Kick Start My Art and Red Bull, to celebrate Red Bull Wake Open. Nineteen artists have created unique pieces of art, using wakeboards as their canvas, with their creations inspired by the question "What gives you wings?" Take a look at their creations and their personal answers.

The art will be on display and available for the public to vote on their favorite pieces during Red Bull Wake Open at the Tampa Convention Center July 5 and 6. The boards with the most votes will be awarded to the winning Wake athletes as their trophies.

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Marlon Huynh
Marlon Huynh I have many interests that give me “wings”. I’m a Tampa Bay Lightning fan and a Star Wars geek. Art gives me “wings” when I paint or draw. I’m a foodie, there is nothing like a bowl of pho. I also added references showing my love of animated and comic book movies, video games, golf, fish, and poker. © Ashley Roper
Ken Hancock
Ken Hancock I have always been obsessed with Disney. As a child I watched “The Wonderful World of Color” with my father. In early 2000, I was lucky enough to get a Disney internship and had an amazing experience, learned a great deal. Disney is still one of my first loves, and I visit Disneyworld often. © Ashley Roper
Krysteena Wakefield
Krysteena Wakefield Creation. Whether a photo or a painting, a greeting card or a doodle, a stuffed animal or a cuddly quilt, nothing gives me more joy than bringing something into the world that wasn't there before. © Ashley Roper
RJ Runas
RJ Runas I spend my life creating art, but art has helped to shape my life as well. From the simple drawings of a child, to the exquisite works of Renaissance artist Michelangelo, and Surrealist Giacometti, it is my artistic roots that give me wings. © Ashley Roper
PSYNNER and Terry Pipitone
PSYNNER and Terry Pipitone Terry and P$ynner met in 1997 and have been together ever since. Whether each is creating an individual piece or both are collaborating on a joint project, they are equally enthusiastic about the progression and development of new work. © Ashley Roper
Michelle Sawyer and Tony Krol
Michelle Sawyer and Tony Krol Love and bumpin’ beats...two positive universal powers. The former, warms the heart and is the force that drew this collaborative team together. The latter, moves the soul and is the force that keeps them moving. When those powers combine, the happiness level gets cranked up, along with the bass. © Ashley Roper
Chris Deacon
Chris Deacon My superhero has always been the great American cowboy. As a child I personified this character through costume and role-play. He has no cape or mask but is armed with a sense of principle and honor. The cowboy represents the definitive folklore of the American spirit. © Jessica McCarty
Chris Reason
Chris Reason My work is inspired by the story of "Wolves in Sheep's Clothing." I created a theme based on having your head in the clouds. This happens when your imagination takes flight after you've relaxed or daydreaming and creates an out of body experience giving you wings! © Chris Reason
Chris Rosenbaum
Chris Rosenbaum Music has always been a touchstone in my work. I enjoy painting musicians. Whether it is an attempt to leach creative juices off of their creativity or simply as an homage, is not clear; but I always find myself drawn to them. Music gives me wings. © Amber Rosenbaum
Chad Cardoza
Chad Cardoza I find that I am crafty and love things that are fun and funny. I also like to make things that are interactive and engaging. I chose the Pez clown as my inspiration for this piece because who doesn’t smile when they look at a life-size interactive clown? © Ashley Roper
Angus Shafer
Angus Shafer I spent my childhood creating, coloring from books to sketchbooks. I am lucky to have kept my childhood dreams alive. "Keeping The Dream Alive" is a look at the Wright Brothers and their quest for man in flight. I feel their well-known story of ups and downs runs parallel with life of all creatives. © Ashley Roper
Nicole C. Kibert
Nicole C. Kibert Music lifts our spirits when we are sad, lends us energy when needed, adds joy when we are happy, builds community, provides anthems for protest and generally provides the soundtrack for our lives. My wake art features a decoupage of photos that all embody the essence of “only music has the answer.” © Ashley Roper
Dan Lasata
Dan Lasata Life and color gives me wings. If I can create something that makes me smile or evokes some emotion or memory for myself, then I feel I have executed my work properly. © Ashley Roper
Wade Slater
Wade Slater This artwork is a venture into yet another unknown (a mixed media creation for a sporting event). What gives me wings is the challenge of attempting things that are new, but exciting and surrounded by good people; with the right company, life can be great, comfortable, and fulfilling. © Ashley Roper
Christian Ricca and Jennifer Tran
Christian Ricca and Jennifer Tran In Florida, the weather can be unpredictable to say the least. It's not very often that all of mother natures ducks are in a row. You have to be ready to seize the moment. That’s when its time to grab your lady, hop on two wheels and take off. These are the moments we live for; they give us wings. © Ashley Roper
Christian Cintora
Christian Cintora Art, Music, and Science, is what gives me flight through the evolution of life. I developed a tattoo style art form, have taken up Music Theory and instruments, and strive to gain a higher understanding of Natural Phenomena through Science. I incorporate these concepts on the art works I create. © Ashley Roper
Jacqueline Ann Frierman
Jacqueline Ann Frierman Motala, an elephant living at FAE in Thailand, lost her leg due to a landmine. Thanks to Soraida Salwala, the FAE staff, and 10 years of surgeries/rehab, she now has a prosthetic leg. The selfless work of Soraida and the other elephant advocates makes my heart, the elephants, and the world smile. © Ashley Roper
Theresa Crout
Theresa Crout Creativity and inspiration give me wings. Using my voodoods to tell the story, you see one figure at the bottom, slumped and sleeping. As you move up the dolls come alive. At the top, the voodoods have taken the pins that once harmed them and used them to form wings. © Ashley Roper
Sabdiasep Mercado
Sabdiasep Mercado It's been a while since I've painted and mostly I just wanted to paint one of my favorite visual subjects; a skeleton. Thinking "wings" I immediately thought of Icarus (the Greek myth: He got fake wings from his Father, flew too close to the sun and Apollo, died, the end.). © Kris Elsbecker
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