Red Bull Illume Image Quest: Stunning pics part 1

Check out our first random selection from the top 250 images in the 2013 Red Bull Illume contest.
By Lukas Pilz

The below images are randomly chosen from the 250 images shortlisted for the 2013 Red Bull Illume Image Quest. The contest is divided into 10 different categories: Close Up, Creativity, Energy, Experimental, Illumination, Lifestyle, Playground, Sequence, Spirit, and Wings.

The winners will be announced on August 29.

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Going downhill
Bryan Regnier performing in Venelles, France
Going downhill Stéphane Candé caught MTB downhill rider Bryan Regnier mid-run in this stunning image. Regnier is a man of many talents, having previously competed to a high level in motocross. © Stéphane Candé/Red Bull Illume
Cool climb
Leonardo Cuny Proverbio climbs Perito Moreno glacier in Argentinian Patagonia
Cool climb Photographer Juan Cruz Rabaglia has managed to create an amazing effect on this shot of Argentine mountain climber Leonardo Cuny Proverbio, who was climbing the Perito Moreno glacier in Patagonia. © Juan Cruz Rabaglia/Red Bull Illume
Going West
Jacob Wester performs in Verbier, Switzerland
Going West Swedish freeskier Jacob Wester, who was a bronze medalist at the 2009 X Games in Aspen, is captured in full flow here by Daniel Rönnbäck in Verbier, Switzerland. © Daniel Rönnbäck/Red Bull Illume
Scrapyard Stöhr
Anna Stöhr climbs crashed cars in Thörishaus, Switzerland
Scrapyard Stöhr This unusual scenario, captured by Rainer Eder, features world champion climber Anna Stöhr. The Austrian takes on the challenge of conquering scrapped cars in a change from her usual boulders. © Rainer Eder/Red Bull Illume
A moment in time
Charles Collet performs in a Secret Spot, France
A moment in time French skateboarder Charles Collet shows his style and appears to be suspended in time thanks to this shot by Fred Mortagne at a secret location in France. © Fred Mortagne/Red Bull Illume
Age is no barrier
Tommen Bjerkneas gets portrayed in the Lifestyle by Leica contest in Red Bull Illume. Shot taken in Engelberg, Switzerland
Age is no barrier Award winning Swedish photographer Oskar Enander, who spends most of time working in the Swiss mountains caught this great shot of Tommen Bjerkneas in Engelberg, Switzerland. © Oskar Enander/Red Bull Illume
Man on a wire
Florian Ebner walks on the line in  Lienzer Dolomiten, Austria
Man on a wire Austrian photographer Martin Lugger is the man who caught Florian Ebner walking the line in Lienzer Dolomiten in Austria for this chilling shot of the bravery of Ebner. © Martin Lugger/Red Bull Illume
Snowboard sequence
John Jackson´s trick in sequence. Picture shot in  Aniak, AK, USA
Snowboard sequence Californian snowboarder John Jackson's trick, which took place in Aniak, Alaska is reproduced here by Scott Serfas. © Scott Serfas/Red Bull Illume
Surfing solidarity
Kelly Slater cheers Ross Williams in the Marshall Islands
Surfing solidarity Multiple world surfing champion Kelly Slater shows his solidarity with fellow competitor Ross Williams in the Marshall Islands. This image of Kelly cheering on Ross was taken by Morgan Maassen. © Morgan Maassen/Red Bull Illume
Vertical Drop
Hubert Schober, Kedley Oliveti skydive in Zakynthos, Greece
Vertical Drop Austrian BASE jumper Hubert Schober, otherwise known as 'El Amarillo' or the man in yellow does what he does best in Zakynthos, Greece, with Kedley Olivetti on a skydive caught by Dimitrios Kontizas. © Dimitrios Kontizas/Red Bull Illume