Lolo Jones in 60 Seconds

We pinned down Lolo Jones in a rare moment of downtime to ask a few random (insightful) questions...
Lolo Jones fools around during a photo shoot for Red Bull at Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA on 8th April 2011
Lolo Jones © Dustin Snipes/Red Bull Content Pool
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Lolo Jones is a woman on a mission. Her quest for an Olympic medal has seen her take a giant leap, swapping the hurdles and Tartan tracks of London 2012 for the icy downhill tracks of Sochi in 2014... in the bobsled. 

In the wake of her new Olympic discipline - not forgetting her long and impressive athletic track record to boot - we pinned down Lolo for an impromptu Q&A session to find out what makes this American sports star tick. And here's what she had to say...

1. What has been the highlight of your career so far?
Breaking the American record, and any time I made an Olympic team

2. What are your plans or goals for 2013?
To make the US Bobseld team, and then go to Sochi and get on the podium. Third time's a charm right?

3. If you had to choose an alternative career, what would you choose to do?
Something with TV, running my mouth not my legs

4. Who is your sporting hero, and why?
Jesse Owens, the Berlin Olympics were such a symbolic moment in history

5. What's the best thing about your sport?
That I get to travel around the world and I am paid to work out

6. What's the worst thing about your sport?
They only give medals for top 3. Maybe they need to add a Platinum as first, then gold, silver and bronze for 4th. Then I'd have a medal! And drug testing; we report everywhere we go, more than someone on parol. They can show up anywhere in the world! But its also good because it helps keep the sport clean.

7. What's your biggest annoyance in life?
Right now, twitter @ replies!

8. What's your favourite place to run, train or compete in the world, and why?
Zurich is a cool race, they give you chocolate before and after and the stadium is modern. You can actually bet on the athletes like a horse race, they put the odds the screen.

9. What's your biggest challenge in life?
Not being discouraged when you don't reach your goal. In sports, success is measured by medals or wins, and even if you're top 5 it can feel discouraging. To press on is challenging.

10. Where do you see yourself in ten years?
On a couch, 40 lbs heavier with kids running around! And me not running after. Mama's retired!

Action shot of Lolo Jones running 100 m Hurdles in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA on 9th April 2011
Lolo Jones in action in Baton Rouge © Dustin Snipes/Red Bull Content Pool
Lolo Jones
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