John Wall Throws a Full-Court Alley-Oop to Himself

John Wall’s fast. But is the NBA point guard fast enough to throw himself a full-court pass?
By Carter Jung

Here are things we all know about John Wall:

-Born in September 6, 1990, Wall’s full name is Johnathan Hildred Wall, Jr. He played at the University of Kentucky for one year before being chosen first overall in the 2010 NBA Draft by the Washington Wizards.

-In his first season in the NBA, Wall was the third youngest player to hit a triple double. He was also named Rookie Game MVP during the 2011 All-Star weekend.

-Known as being one of the quickest, most athletic point guards in the league, Wall’s famous for his explosiveness. So much so, his clothes blew off when he appeared butt-nekkid alongside athletes such as Tarah Gieger for ESPN’s famed 2013 Body Issue.

Now here’s what we don’t know:

-Precisely how fast is John Wall? Thoroughbred horse-fast or are we talking cheetah-like speeds?

-More appropriately, is John Wall fast enough to alley-oop a basketball by chucking it full-court, then sprinting to the other side quick enough to catch his own ball and make the basket? Check out the video Dime Magazine posted to find out.

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