Rickie Fowler Improves Golf Game with Psychedelics

PGA Tour pro Rickie Fowler tees up against magical islands, mysterious creatures and a talking moon.
By Lando Garcia

Pro golfer Rickie Fowler, along with long-time caddy Joe Skovron, found themselves in a weird spot while training for the 95th PGA Championship taking place this weekend, August 8 to 11.

Both were invited to an indoor driving range filled with mysterious creatures, magical islands, glow-in-the-dark LED golf balls and even a talking moon. The purpose? For Rickie to take down each creature with a tee shot between the eyes -- golf training taken to a whole new level.

“We’re always looking for new, and sometimes quirky ways to get an edge and Red Bull came up with this fun and inventive animated training challenge,” Fowler said. “Hitting any type of golf shots where you have to focus on trajectory and distance and trying to hit a certain target can only help you get better.”

His first shot was a 45-yard chip into the center of a multi-colored tropical tree. Then he took down a fire-breathing sea monster that sat 56 yards away. Rickie's final target was an oversize trash-talking moon. It was all the great psychedelic impact with no crazy side effects.

Rickie Fowler
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