Jason Polakow: Backyards part 2

Watch the second part of Jason's trip to the north shore of Oahu in search of an epic day's sailing.
By Helen Baker

As the day draws to a successful, but painful, close at Backyards, windsurfers Jason Polakow and Robby Swift reflect on their session on the waves and a couple of big wipeouts.

He just bailed his gear and did like a Superman backwards thing into the barrel.

Jason Polakow

After his first wipeout at 'The Boneyard' – a shallow reef – and a bit of coercion from Jason, Robby goes back out for one last aerial. It turns out to be a big mistake and he ends up hurting himself on the last wave of the day.

I just absolutely lashed myself in the flat bottom of the wave; I thought I might have broken a rib.

Robby Swift

In this final part of the film, Jason sums Backyards up as a great trip with perfect conditions compared to those on Maui. He's stoked about trying to hit it up again soon on Oahu. Watch the video for all the windsurfing action.

Jason Polakow
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