Jason Polakow: Backyards part 2

Watch the second part of Jason's trip to the north shore of Oahu in search of an epic day's sailing.

© Tracy Kraft Leboe/Red Bull Content Pool

As the day draws to a successful, but painful, close at Backyards, windsurfers Jason Polakow and Robby Swift reflect on their session on the waves and a couple of big wipeouts.

He just bailed his gear and did like a Superman backwards thing into the barrel.

Jason Polakow

After his first wipeout at 'The Boneyard' – a shallow reef – and a bit of coercion from Jason, Robby goes back out for one last aerial. It turns out to be a big mistake and he ends up hurting himself on the last wave of the day.

I just absolutely lashed myself in the flat bottom of the wave; I thought I might have broken a rib.

Robby Swift

In this final part of the film, Jason sums Backyards up as a great trip with perfect conditions compared to those on Maui. He's stoked about trying to hit it up again soon on Oahu. Watch the video for all the windsurfing action.