Red Bull Illume Image Quest: Stunning pics part 9

Some of the most awe-inspiring, breathtaking images selected for the Red Bull Illume shortlist 2013.
By Khalil Emede
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Behind the bar
Anthony Rocci and Yannick Granieri ride in Are, Sweden
Behind the bar Anthony Rocci and Yannick Granieri cross paths on the trails near Åre in Sweden. © Stéphane Candé/Red Bull Illume
What a feeling...
Philipp Schuster performs in Salzburg, Austria
What a feeling... When you're skating on the ceiling.

Philipp Schuster finds a new use for an old fireplace in Salzburg, Austria. © Erwin Polanc/Red Bull Illume

Hanging by a thread
Tim Emmett climbs in Helmcken Falls, Wells Grey Provincial Park, BC, Canada
Hanging by a thread Tim Emmett relies heavily on his equipment as he scales the 'Wolverine' line on the frozen Helmcken Falls in Wells Grey Provincial Park, British Columbia, Canada © Christian Pondella/Red Bull Illume
Hit the wall
Julien Lange, Pierre Chedal, Flo Bastien, Yann Barthelemy having fun in Val d'Isère, France
Hit the wall Freeskiers Julien Lange, Pierre Chedal, Flo Bastien and Yann Barthelemy having fun shooting their T.A.Z. film in Val d'Isère, France © Fabrice Wittner/Red Bull Illume
The edge of the abyss
Erik Boomer performs in Sahalie Falls, McKenzie River, OR, USA
The edge of the abyss Erik Boomer about to plunge into freefall over the Sahalie Falls on Oregon's McKenzie River. © Mike Leeds/Red Bull Illume
Rolling deep
Jon Lynn ready to perform in New York City, NY, USA
Rolling deep Jon Lynn and a few close friends in New York City. © Jeff Zielinski/Red Bull Illume
Man of steel
Cam McCaul mountain biking in Virgin, UT, USA
Man of steel MTB star Cam McCaul performs a superman seat grab in Virgin, Utah, USA. © Tony Czech/Red Bull Illume
Tasmanian daredevil
Ross Abblitt performs in Tasmania, Australia
Tasmanian daredevil Australian B.A.S.E jumper Ross Abblitt is shown in sequence as he jumps off a cliff in Tasmania. © Stuart Gibson/Red Bull Illume
Kayak carnage
Jordy Searle is rescued from the Kokatahi River, Hokitika, New Zealand
Kayak carnage New Zealand's Jody Searle has to be pulled out of the Kokatahi River after becoming trapped against rocks during the filming of Red Bull Flow Hunters. © Miles Holden/Red Bull Illume
Cliff hanger
John Jackson snowboards in Tordrillo Mountains, AK, USA
Cliff hanger Snowboard freerider John Jackson takes on a huge cliff face in Alaska's Tordrillo Mountains. © Scott Serfas/Red Bull Illume
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