Focus On: Stunning images of landscapes

Take a look at these mesmerising images that'll whisk you away to the world's most scenic locations
By Khalil Emede and Sean Calvert
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Magical Marko
Marko Grilc performs in Absolut Park in Flachauwinkel, Austria on January 26th 2012
Magical Marko Slovenian snowboard sensation Marko Grilc is in the foreground and the Austrian mountains near Flachauwinkel are the backdrop to the first of our images. © Samo Vidic/Red Bull Content Pool
Team leader
Chris Davenport hikes up a mountain on May 6th 2008.    Chris Davenport is one of the character in the Ultimate Rush episodes.
Team leader Chris Davenport can generally be found in his native Aspen, Colorado either freeskiing big mountains or heading up teams of up and coming winter sportsmen and women. 'Dav' sure has job satisfaction with views like these! © Christian Pondella/Red Bull Content Pool
Taking in the view
Brook takes a moment on top of Mt Burke during the Red Bull Brooke MacDonald Breaking Trail, in Wanaka, New Zealand on 17th April, 2012
Taking in the view Kiwi MTB rider Brooke MacDonald has seen some stunning views in his homeland, but even he can't help but take a moment at Mount Burke near Wanaka. © Miles Holden / Red Bull Content Pool
Tacking the Tower
David Lama climbs up the Nameless Tower in Pakistan on July 30th, 2012
Tacking the Tower We would wager that Austrian climber David Lama has seen more sights like these than most and here we see the 23-year-old on the face of the Nameless Tower in Pakistan. © Corey Rich/Mammut Archiv/Red Bull Content Pool
Spectacular sunset
Hiroto Arai prepares to surf at Hyuga City in Miyazaki prefecture, Japan on August 31st, 2012
Spectacular sunset Japanese surf star Hiro Arai enjoys the view after a tough day's work in the water at Hyuga City in his homeland. © Yusuke Kashiwazaki/Red Bull Content Pool
Competitors perform during the Red Bull Lion Heart that took place on Lions Head on the 24th November 2012 in Cape Town, South Africa.
Lionhearts Sometimes a stunning view is the payoff for some gruelling work and this image shows one such occasion. Athletes taking part in Red Bull Lion Heart must run up and down Lion's Head mountain in Cape Town, which peaks at 669 metres above sea level. They do get a nice view at the top though! © Kolesky/Nikon/Red Bull Content Pool
Storm chasers
Julien Taboulet from France and Boujmaa Guilloul of Morroco head out at Brandon Bay at the Red Bull Storm Chase in Brandon Bay, Southern Ireland on January 28,
Storm chasers A wild and windy landscape can hold just as much beauty and this shot of Brandon Bay in Ireland highlights that. Here we see Julien Taboulet and Boujmaa Guilloul heading out to windsurf in tough conditions in Red Bull Storm Chase. © John Carter/Red Bull Content Pool
Horacio falls
Horacio Llorens paraglides over Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe on March 11th, 2012
Horacio falls A pioneer of aerobatic paragliding, Horacio Llorens gets to appreciate this kind of landscape on a regular basis and here we see the Spaniard enjoying this spectacular view at Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe. © Thomas de Dorlodot/Red Bull Content Pool
Peak viewing time
Bernd Zangerl boulders in the Himalaya, India on October 27th, 2012
Peak viewing time The Himalayas in India has to be one of the most amazing places to witness at first hand and this image gives an idea of the kind of backdrop to which Austrian free climber Bernd Zangerl regularly gets to enjoy. © Ray Demski/Red Bull Content Pool
Mexican mission
The group of kayakers scouting a rapid at the Santo Domingo river during the steepest kayakeable river descent in Chiapas, Mexico on March, 12th, 2013
Mexican mission Kayaking presents a wealth of excellent photographic opportunities and none more so than snapper Marcos Ferro capturing this group of kayakers at a descent at the Santo Domingo river in Chiapas, Mexico. © Marcos Ferro/Red Bull Content Pool
Mad Mike makes his mark
Mike Whiddett performs at the RedBull Conquer The Crown in Queenstown, New Zealand on April 4th, 2013
Mad Mike makes his mark Action sports capital Queenstown in New Zealand has seen its fair share of high octane sports and here we see 'Mad Mike' Whiddett drifting in his homeland at Red Bull Conquer The Crown. © Miles Holden / Red Bull Content Pool
Simply stunning
Athlete flying Cross country from the turnpoint Tre Cime at the Red Bull X-Alps in Italy on the 21th of july 2011
Simply stunning One of the most rewarding views of a landscape you could possibly wish for can be seen here in the Italian Alps, as witnessed by the competitors in Red Bull X-Alps. © Felix Woelk/Red Bull Photofiles