Using Ultra Slowmo to Speed Up Sochi Skier McPhie

Discover how slow motion video is helping mogul skier Heather McPhie get faster for the big games.
By Novella Genelza

In today’s ultra fast-paced world, we often forget to slow down and smell the roses. But thanks to advances in high speed HD cameras, we finally have the ability to film and replay practically anything in slow motion. From things as mundane as wet dogs shaking themselves to extravagant acts like taking a sledgehammer to a MacBook, or pouring colored paint all over a blaring speaker, everything looks way cooler in super slowmo. Slow motion is so popular that there are TV shows, websites and YouTube channels completely dedicated to it.

Always cutting edge, Red Bull athletes are putting this new technology to use, and what better purpose than preparation for Sochi? Enter “Speed & Turns” with Red Bull Mogul Skier Heather McPhie. Moment, Heather’s ski sponsor, and her wax sponsor, WEND gathered on the slopes in Whistler, Canada to film Heather testing skis, wax, and timing equipment in hopes of developing better and faster equipment for her.

Heather McPhie testing at Whistler

The team will use the data from the videos to compare the effects of different ski shapes and types of wax on Heather’s performance. Heather’s strength is her jumping, but she hopes that the video data collected will provide valuable insight into ways she can increase her speed. In a 30-second mogul run, speed and control are key, so the team’s findings could be essential to ensuring that she makes it to the podium.

Check out the video to find out what the team has learned so far, and to relish in some gratuitous slow motion clips of the snowy testing. Will slowmo technology really help Heather speed up? Stay tuned to Red Bull to see if Heather can attain the fastest time points during the winter prep period and the big games in Russia.

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