Red Bull Indus Trail: Freerunning in photos

Action from the finals in India to decide a winner who'll go on to Red Bull Art of Motion in 2014.
By Helen Baker

On November 13, eight of the best freerunners from across India took part in Red Bull Indus Trail at Phoenix Mills in Mumbai. They were guided and judged by Kuwaiti Red Bull athlete Mohammad Al Attar, also known as 'Double Trouble'.

The Phoenix Mills car park was transformed for the day, with BMX riders, skateboarders and B-Boys warming up the crowd before the main event. Check out our photos of the best of the action.

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I believe I can fly
Mohammad Al Attar performs at Red Bull Indus Trail.
I believe I can fly Al Attar won Red Bull Urban Jump in 2010 and earned third place at Red Bull Art of Motion in Kuwait in 2011. More recently, in September 2013, he was one of just 18 freerunners to take part in Red Bull Art of Motion in Santorini, Greece. © Neville Sukhia/Red Bull Content Pool
All together now
Freerunner Mohammad Al Attar poses for a portrait with Red Bull Indus Trail participants.
All together now A freerunner since 2006, Al Attar's years of experience and his many wins made him the ideal choice to head over to Indian soil to teach participants all he knows and then judge Red Bull Indus Trail. Here, he poses with the competitors. © Neville Sukhia/Red Bull Content Pool