Wings for Life World Run: Meet Colin Jackson

The former world champion on his new international director role with Wings for Life World Run.

The Wings For Life World Run is a unique global charity event, which will see people from all walks of life - amateurs and professionals alike - come together for one huge race, raising money towards spinal injury research.

It will take place on 40 courses in 35 different countries, but the starter's pistol goes at exactly the same time for all of them. 10am UTC on May 4 2014 will see all the runners start, no matter where they are in the world. In the UK, they might get to start at 11am, but for those in Atlantic City it'll be 6am, or 10pm in New Zealand.

Runners will be trying to stay ahead of a 'catcher car', which will be travelling on a single global schedule. Once the car passes you; you're out. The car keeps going until only one male and one female athlete are left in the race. To find out more, including how you can take part, head to

We caught up with Colin Jackson recently, after the British former world champion hurdler joined the World Run as international director for sports.

Wings for Life World Run