Red Bull Air Race has Fort Worth CEO in a spin

© Ben Garrett/Red Bull Content Pool

Texas Motor Speedway president gets the ride of his life from Red Bull Air Race's Kirby Chambliss.

The Red Bull Air Race World Championship 2014 is coming to Texas Motor Speedway in September, and, to mark the coming event, the Fort Worth venue's president, Eddie Gossage, climbed into the Edge 540 of pilot Chambliss.

“I think you’re crazy!” Gossage told Chambliss afterwards. “I’ve known a lot of race-car drivers in my time, but you… that was amazing!”

However there’s far more than just daring required to be one of the world's top aerobatic pilots. Says Chambliss: “I’m always seeking the horizon to stay attached to the ground, to know where the airplane is at all times.”

“It’s always an eye-opening experience!” reiterated Chambliss, a Red Bull Air Race veteran, who has two world championships and eight race victories to his name since 2003.

Red Bull Air Race lands in Fort Worth on September 6-7 for the fifth of seven stops in the 2014 World Championship. Visit for tickets and more information!

Kirby Chambliss and Eddie Gossage, CEO of Texas Motor Speedway, pose for a portrait after a flight at Alliance Airport, in Fort Worth, TX, USA
Eddie Gossage (L) and Kirby Chambliss (R)© Ben Garrett/Red Bull Content Pool