Video: Inês Correia in Project Solo Flight

© Hugo Silva/Red Bull Content Pool

Ahead of the Wings for Life World Run, Inês Correia pushed her boundaries by taking on a skydive.

Kitesurf star Inês Correia is not one to shirk a challenge, as evidenced by this video of Inês learning to skydive under the watchful eye of fellow Portuguese athlete Mário Pardo.

The 20-year-old Correia has always dreamed of being able to fly and for the project Red Bull Solo Flight she teamed up with BASE jumper Pardo to make that dream as close to reality as possible.

Ines Correia gets instructed by Mario Pardo during the Red Bull Solo Flight in Figueira dos Cavaleiros, Portugal on 24th August, 2013
Ines Correia and Mario Pardo in training © Hugo Silva/Red Bull Content Pool

The pair headed out to Figueira dos Cavaleiros in Portugal for training, followed by Correia's first ever solo skydive.

And that's not the only challenge that energetic Inês has set for herself, as her next test comes in the form of the WfL World Run in Comporta, Portugal, which takes place on May 4, 2014.

The Wings for Life World Run is an entirely new type of event never before seen or undertaken in either running or any other sporting field. It is a truly global adventure, encompassing up to 40 locations, in which everyone runs at the very same time all over the world.

The particular terrain that Inês will tackle on her challenge in Portugal can be found at this Wings for Life page, where you can also sign up until April next year if you fancy joining in.

Ines Correia performs at the Red Bull Solo Flight in Figueira dos Cavaleiros, Portugal on 23th August, 2013
Inês Correia and Mario Pardo make the jump© Hugo Silva/Red Bull Content Pool