Red Bull, a Smile, and Your Wits: Can You Make It?

    Embark on a once-in-a-lifetime European trip by trading cans of Red Bull. No cash or credit cards.
“Can You Make It?” 2014: Eurotrip Edition
“Can You Make It?” 2014: Eurotrip Edition © Sebastian Marko/Red Bull Content Pool
By Coty Levandoski

If there’s one piece of wisdom that the old and wise seem to always offer the young and crazy, it’s to see as much of the globe as you can before the real world comes knocking. For those of you who’ve already conquered your college campus, Red Bull’s “Can You Make It?” may just be the excuse you’ve been looking for.

The Adventure

That promise you’ve made to yourself and your friends to embark on that once-in-a-lifetime road trip? It’s time to make good on it.

Assemble a trio comprised of your closest friends to journey 1000 kilometers across Europe, carving your own path through six pre-determined checkpoints to the finish line in Berlin, using as many methods of transportation as possible, all while being sure to capture and post the most memorable moments so those back home can follow your story as it unfolds.

You’ll have seven days.

The Rub

Sounds simple enough, right? A week in Europe with two of your best friends?

Not quite.

You have to make your way by, and only by, trading cans of Red Bull for transportation, food, and lodging. No cash or credit cards, no cell phone use (other than the Moto G issued to each group of adventurers), just 24 cans of Red Bull, a smile, and your wits about you.

Each team can earn more cans by completing the challenge available at each checkpoint – nothing crazy – just a little test of body and mind to keep you on your toes.

Make no mistake: cans will not be plentiful, so be prepared to dole out plenty of charm and have your wink perfected just in case.

The Prize

While the teams will set out from one of four starting points in London, Paris, Vienna, or Milan, the end goal is all the same: cross the finish line in Berlin before 5:00pm on April 11 and be prepared for the party of a lifetime, with a few other surprises to boot.

Any wanderlusts over the age of 18 with a valid passport can enter, but only 100 teams from across the world will be selected to compete. Applications are open from now until March 3, at which point an international panel will decide who should have their bags packed by April 4.

So, world-traveler-to-be, “Can You Make It?” Head over to the official website if you’re ready to start your journey.

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