All-Athlete College Hoops Bracket Pool Tips Off

Anthony Davis, John Wall, Lolo Jones, Louie Vito and other Red Bull athletes predict the action.
Washington Wizards NBA Basketball Player John Wall
John Wall © Garth Milan/Red Bull Content Pool
By Khalil Garriott

You know you participate in the bracket-busting madness each March. You know you’ve been guilty of checking the scores online instead of working on those pesky TPS reports. (It’s okay; we won’t tell your boss.)

It’s one thing to compete against friends and family members in a small pool. It’s another thing to see how your brackets stack up against some of the finest athletes in their respective professions. That’s next-level stuff.

Well, look no further. This year, we asked some of the world’s top athletes to make their picks.

You’d think everyday hoopsters like Anthony Davis, John Wall and Harrison Barnes would be the resident experts, but we’ll see about that.

Will Lolo Jones or Will Claye run away with the title, or can Paul Rabil pry it away from the group? Should we expect Evan Longoria's skills on the diamond to translate to the hardwood? 

What will happen when Ian WalshJake Marshall and Parks Bonifay take a dip into the sea of basketball unknowns? Can Bryce Menzies and Nico Deportago-Cabrera race out to an early lead? Will David Colturi be able to dive right into the hoops hysteria, or will Timothy Gonzalez succeed in trying his hand at predictions?

Can Louie Vito and Levi LaVallee step up off the course? Or will Gwen Jorgensen make it all the way to the end?

These questions and more will be answered through our unique bracket challenge, and when pride is on the line, you can bet these competitive athletes want to win.

The following point system will determine the leaders after each round (not including the First Four) and the overall winner:

First round - 1 point
Second round - 2 points
Sweet 16 - 4 points
Elite 8 - 8 points
Final Four - 12 points
Championship - 16 points

The tiebreaker will be total points scored in the championship game.

Browse the brackets below and check back here at throughout the tournament to see how your favorite athlete’s bracket is faring during all the madness. Let the trash talk (and games) begin!

Anthony Davis - 2015 College Basketball Bracket

Anthony Davis

For the most part, plenty of chalk in the NBA superstar’s bracket. He stays true to what he told earlier this season, guaranteeing another Kentucky championship.


Jake Marshall - 2015 College Basketball Bracket

Jake Marshall

The young surfer took Oklahoma and Iowa State to reach the Final Four, and the Cyclones to the final. Maybe he has family from Big 12 country, because there’s no other reason we can think of!


Louie Vito 2015 College B-ball Bracket

Louie Vito

Another Iowa State Final Four sleeper pick. What’s up with ISU fever? He didn’t take his hometown Ohio State squad past Arizona in the second round. Shame on him!

See Vito in the Doubles competition highlight video from Red Bull Double Pipe


Lolo Jones - 2015 College Basketball Bracket

Lolo Jones

Where’s the confidence in LSU? She has Villanova beating her alma mater in the second round.


Will Claye - 2015 College Basketball Bracket

Will Claye

Claye spent some time at Oklahoma and has them in the Sweet 16.


David Colturi - 2015 College Basketball Bracket

David Colturi

You know this guy is from Big Ten country. He couldn’t take his Purdue Boilermakers, so he did the next best thing — he took Michigan State, Iowa and Wisconsin to make the Final Four, with Wisconsin beating MSU.

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John Wall 2015 College B-ball Bracket

John Wall

He went with the favorites! No real surprises. Likes his UK Wildcats to cut down the nets.

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Timbo Gonzalez 2015 College B-ball Bracket

Timbo Gonzalez

He picked two huge bracket-busters in the Elite 8 with VCU and SMU, and VCU going to the Final Four. (When have we seen that before?) If he’s right, mad respect.


Paul Rabil 2015 College B-ball Bracket

Paul Rabil

He likes UCLA, which many experts said shouldn’t have gotten in, to reach the Elite 8.


Parks Bonifay 2015 College B-ball Bracket

Parks Bonifay

Iowa State to the final! Are we noticing a trend? (Is there wakeboarding in Iowa?)

Watch Bonifay, Steel Lafferty and Brian Grubb shred Panama in the Wakecation video series

Nico Deportago-Cabrera 2015 College B-ball Bracket

Nico Deportago-Cabrera

In the first bracket he’s ever filled out, he’s got Xavier making the Elite 8. It’s an all-Big Ten rematch in the championship game, with Wisconsin vs. Michigan State.

Watch Nico and fellow bike messenger Austin Horse slice through the streets of Beirut


Bryce Menzies - 2015 College Basketball Bracket

Bryce Menzies

He went with the favorites. Didn’t get too dirty.

Watch Menzies blast his off-road truck through the snow at Red Bull Frozen Rush


Harrison Barnes - 2015 College Basketball Bracket

Harrison Barnes

Barnes is from Iowa, and he, too, has Iowa State going to the Final Four. He bleeds Carolina blue, but that wasn’t enough for him to take the Tar Heels over Arizona in the Elite 8.


Levi Lavallee - 2015 College Basketball Bracket

Levi LaVallee

The Minnesota native is sticking with the Big Ten by picking Wisconsin to win it all. He likes Ole Miss to make an Elite 8 run.


Evan Longoria - 2015 College Basketball Bracket

Evan Longoria

The SoCal-bred MLB All-Star took two westerly teams to the Final Four in Arizona and Gonzaga, but he went with the favorite UK to cut down the nets. 


Ian Walsh - 2015 College Basketball Bracket

Ian Walsh

Of course big-wave surfer Walsh went big. He has Baylor reaching the Final Four (is there surf in Texas?), Providence getting to the Elite 8 and Villanova beating Notre Dame in the final. Let’s see how he does against fellow surfer Jake Marshall’s bracket. 


Gwen Jorgensen 2015 College B-ball Bracket

Gwen Jorgensen

The University of Wisconsin alumna has tons of school pride. Born and raised in Wisconsin as well, she took the Badgers to win it all against the Oklahoma Sooners. In an upset pick, she has UK (everyone’s favorite) losing in the Sweet 16 to West Virginia. Daring!

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