Should Lolo Jones Star in a Red Bull Commercial?

Watch Lolo Jones in a Snapchat video that proves her acting and producing chops.
Reflecting: Lolo Jones © Dustin Snipes/Red Bull Content Pool
By Khalil Garriott

Lolo Jones has accomplished things in her career that many athletes never will. She's starred in multiple sports and is about as versatile an athlete as you'll find. 

But one thing she hasn't done is appear in a Red Bull commercial. And apparently, she's none too pleased about that. So she took it upon herself, in the middle of Oscars season, to prove her acting chops. 

The arrival of the new Red Bull Orange Edition prompted Jones to take matters into her own hands. An impromptu Snapchat "commercial" featuring the star athlete trying Orange Edition for the first time? Consider it done. 

Watch below: 

Tell Lolo Jones what you think of her "commercial" by tweeting at her. Stay tuned for more Orange Edition content from some of your favorite athletes, including Rickie Fowler, Evan Longoria and Joey Brezinski

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