Record Collection - "Lofticries" by Purity Ring

Lofticries is ethereal, pulsing and dripping with vibe all at once. A little slice of moody heaven.
By Team

Beautifully ghostpan, blissful electronica that's dark but hopeful? That'd be "Lofticries", by Purity Ring. The duo from Montreal, Canada is a balanced mix of Megan James' vocals and Corin Roddick's instumentals. James' childlike sprinklings and Roddick's warped, half-time beat is sidechained to the nines, to create something perhaps not dancefloor freindly, though it doesn't need to be, nor is it intended to be. But, contrary to this, the duo are known to be a killer live show. Dig on this during a rainy Sunday afternoon. You won't look back.

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