Conlogue Wins, Sally Third at NZ Surf Fest

Sally chalks up another solid semifinal result; Carissa remains in ratings driver’s seat.
A Taste Of Champagne © ASP
By Brian Roddy

The first leg of the ASP Women’s World Tour is a mad dash. Four events in one month make things rather hectic. It doesn’t allow the ladies any time to fret over a loss or enjoy a victory because the next event is always knocking. The sprint culminates at the New Zealand Surf Fest.

In the Finals of the Surf Fest, we saw Coco Ho face off against Courtney Conlogue. Two young gals, one from Hawaii and one from Southern California, with styles as unique as their fingerprints. Coco is the daughter of North Shore legend Michael Ho and surfs with a technique that proves such a bloodline. Courtney was raised on a rail and is one of the most powerful girls on the planet. As talented as they are, the two were a bit of an unlikely matchup for a final, especially with girls like Stephanie Gilmore, Carissa Moore, Tyler Wright and Sally Fitzgibbons on the prowl this year. But Coco and Courtney fought hard and earned their places on the podium.

After beating Sally Fitzgibbons by less than a tenth of a point in a controversial semifinal heat, Coco got to work early in the final. She had the momentum, but Courtney snuffed it for a win. And now the sprint is over. The next event is Rio in early May, where the gals will be reunited with their male counterparts once again.

One month after it started, we now have an accurate picture of the 2013 World Title race. Carissa Moore sits in first place, 700 points ahead of Tyler Wright. Less than a thousand points behind Tyler are Courtney Conlogue and Sally Fitzgibbons. Stephanie Gilmore sits in fifth place. And the ladies now have some time to catch their breath.

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