Tiago Pires: Wave Of The Day At Supertubes

Supertubes does its best Backdoor impression and nobody was more impressed than Tiago.
Tiago Pires © Damea Dorsey
By Brian Roddy

Supertubes has a reputation for being one of the best beachbreak barrels in the world. At the Rip Curl Pro World Tour event held there, Supertubes has been churning up dredging barrels year after year. It's one of the most exciting events on tour, probably summing up more 10s than almost any other event on the schedule. But unfortunately, Supertubes is generally neglected by the surf world after that.

But not if you're Tiago Pires. Tiago is from Portugal and his World Tour assault and smooth wraps have earned him legendary status in the Gentle Land. He doesn't neglect Supertubes, ever. So when one of the best swells of the year exploded onto that Portuguese sand, guess who was there to ride it?

Surfline calls it the wave of the day. We just call it pure, unadulterated beauty. Click here to treat your eyes to something special.

Tiago Pires
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