A Photo We Love: Kai Lenny

With winter in the rearview, Kai Instagrams a Jaws bomb and talks about what a dream it surely was.

Kai Lenny
A Photo We Love: Kai Lenny© @kai_lenny

“Big drops at Jaws are some of the best moments I have ever had! Living the dream!” Kai Lenny said that, and he said that not too long ago. For most folks, taking a big drop at Jaws is on par with getting mauled by a pack of Siberian Tigers or being thrown off a skyscraper into the hustle and bustle of downtown Chicago. But for Kai Lenny, it’s just living the dream.

Kai recently posted a photo to Instagram. The photo depicts Kai air-dropping into a skyscraper of a Jaws wave. At the moment that the photo was snapped, there is absolutely no contact between Kai’s board and the Jaws bomb. Not even a little. Just Kai and the sky, and a 30-foot wave, apparently all adding up to one of the best moments he’s ever experienced.

Keep on living Kai. Seriously, please do.