Spot Check: Barra Da Tijuca

Rio De Janeiro is a city to fall in love with. And its crowning surf jewel? Barra Da Tijuca.
Barra Da Tijuca, Brazil © ASP/Kirstin
By Elliot Struck

Is there anywhere with a better vibe than Rio De Janeiro? Do yourself a favour: Pour a coconut rum (but hold the rum if you ain't carrying I.D, kid), put Sergio Mendes and Brasil 66's Mas Que Nada on loud, and Google images of the plunging green valleys that house favelas and wealth districts with equal love 'til they meet a peachy white sand beach, lapped gently by fluoro water, while a soapstone statue of Christ The Redeemer stands 124 feet (including pedestal) above a mountain peak overlooking the whole deal. Then, you should book a plane ticket.

The culture ain't something you need spelt out – even those who've never stomped a Brazilian street have absorbed images of Carnival by the float-load, and since you're a man of the ocean, images of travelling pros lighting up jacking, packed beachies. One of those being Barra Da Tijuca. (Continued below).

Barra Da Tijuca, Brazil © ASP/Kirstin

Barra Da Tijuca is the main event site of the Billabong Pro, Rio, stop number three on the ASP World Tour. When he ain't inhaling acai and penning autographs, Jordy Smith is a man who enjoys the waves of Barra. In a Stab Magazine article today, he said of the spot: "It's between two little islands. It breaks out the back, comes in like a wedge and you can go left or right. Sometimes it barrels, most of the time you can fit in a solid turn outside, then there’s an air section."

So, if what else do you need in a surf spot? According to Jordy, there's potential for airs, barrels and turns. Plus, when you come in, you're in the middle of one of the world's most culturally vibrant cities. You perusing your favourite airline's Rio fares yet?

Barra Da Tijuca, Brazil © ASP/Dunbar
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