Magic Wands: Surf Prescriptions' NDR

Since we're all about the flavors of Rio right now, here's a board for a tropical beach break.
Magic Wands – Surf Prescriptions' NDR
By Elliot Struck

Rio, Rio, Rio. It's all anyone can really think about right now, huh? With that in mind, here's a little number that'd be right at home slicing down the line towards a Brazilian sand-bottomed ramp. There's a reason why the NDR is currently one of Surf Prescriptions' most popular boards. It's because it rides as good as it looks. Y'know how sometimes you look at an outline and think, "Yup, that'd go"? The outline of the NDR is similar to another of SP's highest-ever selling models, the Pro-fish. "The NDR should be ordered 2 to 4 inches shorter than your standard Shorty," says SP. Why? Because, "It has a full but still pointed nose and a full outline thru the body of the board. The tail’s not too wide and usually comes with a swallow. The NDR is one board in the line that goes equally well as a thruster or a quad. We do most of them with a five fin option so you can switch it up to depending on the conditions of the session. This feature makes this model one of the most versatile of the whole line."

For a list of stockists, check out the Surf Prescriptions site, here.

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