Jordy, Adriano and Mick Into The Rio Pro Quarters

At pumping Barra Da Tijuca today, three marathon rounds of barrels and airs decided the final eight.

“Before the heat started I was really focused,” said Adriano De Souza today, after making his way into the quarterfinals of the Billabong Pro, Rio. “I knew Taj (Burrow) was going to be dangerous and I have a lot of respect of Nat Young, but Nat was in the middle of us and I knew it’d be hard for him. Taj was on fire during the whole heat and I just focused on my waves. Five minutes before the heat ended I heard Taj got an amazing wave, but then later I heard Taj got the interference. I was happy to make it, but it’s too bad for Taj. He’s an idol of mine and an amazing surfer.”

Don't let Adriano's humble sentiments fool you – he killed it today. Along with Mick Fanning, Jordy Smith and five more, Adriano surfed through three long rounds at pumping Barra Da Tijuca to cement his place in the quarterfinals tomorrow. With the waiting period all but at an end, competition organisers had no choice but to run. Luckily, this was made easy for them by a barreling beachie covered in ramps. There were some 10 point rides, one of which belonged to Jordy Smith, and other moments that are well worth checking out in the heat recaps. Expect tomorrow to absolutely fire up.