The Instagram Wrap, Volume 23

A telling snapshot of life through some of your favorite surfer's iPhones and photo filters.
Collage of Instagram photos from the week of May 27, 2013.
The Instagram Wrap, Volume 23
By Elliot Struck

Life can be grand through an iPhone lens and some free filters. The format may mean that the quality ain't perfect, but what in life is perfect? Celebrate the low pixelation! This week, Jules and Mick score at home, Michel swings past Lowers, Maya gets tropical and Jordy lands in Fiji.

Clockwise from top left:

@julian_wilson scores at home on the Sunshine Coast.

@mgabeira pays attention to sun protection in the tropics.

@jordysmith88 is on his way to heaven (see also: Fiji).

@rissmoore10 has breath taken away by her home – can you blame her?

@mfanno scores a pretty killer little setup at Snapper.

@bourezmichel gets some A+ conditions at Lowers, post-Brazil.

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