Four Things Worth Reading This Week: May 27

Words, pictures and general genius we're loving this week, and believe you will too.
A lone bomb set break at Cloudbreak in 2012.
Cloudbreak, Tavarua In 2012 © Volcom/Bielmann
By Elliot Struck

This week: Advice for Cloudbreak! Jetski wars! Ian Walsh goes to Cuba!

1. Destination Havana (In which Ian Walsh lands in Cuba). From Surfer Magazine.

Big wave hunter, Ian Walsh, jetted from Maui to Havana, to jam along Cuba's forbidden coast. Surfer lit up his phone to get the details.

2. The Scoop (Jet Ski Wars At Teahupo’o). From Surfing Magazine.

Laird Hamilton calls out the tow-in circus he witnessed at Teahupo'o recently, and Surfing Magazine relay the speech word for word.

3. Model Search (And the search for Miss May). From TransWorld SURF.

TransWorld SURF continue their admirable crusade to find a perfect gal to represent this month. Well worth your time.

4. A Glorious Leak for Avid Surf Fans (An instructional email!). From Stab Magazine.

The ASP WCT manager, Renato Hickel, sends a group email to the top 34, instructing to bring big wave equipment to Fiji.

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