A Photo We Love: Keramas

With the Oakley Pro Bali only a few night’s sleep away, now is the best time to get excited.
Jordy Hearts Keramas © Jason Childs/oakleyprobali.com
By Brian Roddy

The formulas within professional surfing are rudimentary science. If you want to get good clips, you go to Bali and you surf Keramas. If you need to nail a shot for a last minute boardshort ad, you go to Bali and you surf Keramas. If you want to surf one of the most high-performance waves in the world, you go to Bali and you surf Keramas. Are you beginning to notice a pattern?

Keramas is an epicenter of awesome. The wave offers everything that is good surfing. Wanna thread some tubes? Come on in. Want to punt an air? Spread your wings and fly. Want to do the biggest turn of your life? Hit me with your best shot. The wave is a slave to the talented surfer.

And with the Oakley Pro Bali’s waiting period starting on June 18th, it is time to get your froth-o-meter buzzing. Anticipation is half the fun and why waste any time in a state of indifference. Care about the Oakley Bali Pro and care about it right now. You’re going to see some wild surfing. And you’ll be seeing it all right here on RedBull.com/surfing.

Check back for more froth-fueled updates leading into the event.

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