So This is Happening: Carissa in The WSJ

If you want the scoop on Carissa’s workout, let The Wall Street Journal break it down.
Carissa Moore performs in Guna Yala, Panama on August 16th, 2012
Carissa Moore rides a wave Guna Yala © Agustin Munoz/Red Bull Content Pool
By Brian Roddy

Have you seen one of Carissa Moore’s turns lately? She lays into the rail as smooth as anybody, displacing a lake’s worth of water with every single gouge. As effortless as she makes it look, believe us, it ain’t easy. You’ve got to work hard to do turns like that. You’ve got to train.

New York City’s Wall Street journal recently had a spark of interest in old Riss. While it may or may not have been her rail work that drew them in (Manhattan doesn’t surf), it was more than enough for them to feature her on their website. The WSJ picked apart the intricacies of Carissa’s fitness. Covering everything from her actual workout to her playlist to her diet, you can learn everything you yearn to learn about Miss Riss’ training regimen. Click here to get educated.

We do feel obligated to warn you that the article is not written in a very surfy tone. And by that, we mean it reads as kooky as a springsuit with booties. Brace yourself and look beyond it. It is the Wall Street Journal after all.

Carissa Moore
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