John John Florence's Big Air at Oakley Pro

Watch one of the biggest airs ever seen in competitive surfing at the Oakley Pro in Bali.
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By Jake Howard

Of course, a perfect wave can bring a perfect performance, that's a given. But throw a kid like John John Florence into the equation and you're talking about cranking the amp up to eleven. John's always has a propensity for other-level shit, but in a frontside alley-oop on day one of the Oakley Bali Pro that's being hailed as the highest air in the history of the ASP World Tour, he set a new standard.

Ever bashful and humble, he smirked, "I think I claimed it super hard when I landed, but I was super stoked." The pulsing six-foot surf at Keramas offered plenty of moments. 41-year-old Kelly Slater vs 15-year-old Jack Robinson would have been the lead for media outlets around world had it not been for the flyin' Hawaiian.

"Everything happened so fast," said John. "It lined up so perfectly."

He finished the heat with a near-perfect 19.87 out of a possible 20. That's what they call being on a roll. And with a surf forecast rich with opportunity, it's going to be pretty damn fun to see what Two John's gets up to in the next few days.

Watch the Oakley Pro live webcast here.

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