Photos: Day 2 at the Oakley Pro Bali

10 heats of Round 2 in the books at Keramas as Julian punts a mega-slob to remember.
By Brian Roddy
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Mick in the Morning
Mick in the Morning An early bird and his barreling worm. © Jimmicane
Taj Burrow's Hack
Taj Burrow's Hack All too familiar, all too formidable. © Jimmicane
Joel Parkinson, Fancy Railwork
Joel Parkinson, Fancy Railwork Tokyo tail drift. © Jimmicane
Local Wildcard Oney Anwar
Local Wildcard Oney Anwar He may have missed the grab, but he certainly didn't miss the opportunity to put on a show in front of his home crowd. A respectable punt, and a respectable loss to Parko. © Jimmicane
Josh Kerr, Locked In
Josh Kerr in action at the Oakley Pro Bali 2013
Josh Kerr, Locked In In the happy place. © Jimmicane
Julian Wilson Tail High
Julian Wilson Tail High The shuck of shucks. © Jimmicane
Julian Wilson, Slob of Slobs
Julian Wilson, Slob of Slobs For a score this time. © Jimmicane
Mick Fanning's Night Surf
Mick Fanning's Night Surf All eyes on Mick © Jimmicane
Yadin Nicol Goes Big
Yadin Nicol Goes Big Bringing fluorescence to the night, in more ways than one. © Jimmicane
Nat Young's Evening
Nat Young's Evening It's 12 o'clock somewhere. © Jimmicane
A Whole Lot Of Surfboards
A Whole Lot Of Surfboards See Adriano's, hiding there? © Damea Dorsey
Seabass Digs Rail
Seabass Digs Rail With absolute gusto. © Damea Dorsey
Julian Wilson, Midnight
Julian Wilson, Midnight Like, nose to 12 o'clock. © Damea Dorsey
Julian Slobs Again
Julian Slobs Again This is one thing that's hard to get tired of. © Damea Dorsey
Commitment Means Broken Boards
Commitment Means Broken Boards But it's a price Jules is willing to pay. © Damea Dorsey
Jules Got Oops
Jules Got Oops One of the most controlled in the game, in fact. © Damea Dorsey
Julian Has Time For Fans
Julian Has Time For Fans Give back to those who dig your deal. © Damea Dorsey
Julian Thrills Without Intention
Julian Thrills Without Intention Reckon this lucky grom is pleased to have picked up Julian's snapped tail? © Damea Dorsey
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