Photos: Freesurfing at the Oakley Pro Bali

Ever wonder what the World Tour surfs like when they don’t have jerseys on? Step right in.
By Brian Roddy
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Bali Sunrise
Bali Sunrise Bali Sunrise would be a good name for a drink. Now sip it. © Jimmicane
Welcome to Your Dream
Welcome to Your Dream And to the ASP World Tour's reality. © Jimmicane
Mick Fanning Does The Loop
Mick Fanning Does The Loop White Lightning, black sand. © Jimmicane
Parko's Punt
Parko's Punt Well, he's up there. © Jimmicane
Hello Luxury
Hello Luxury If you're not jealous, you should be. © Jimmicane
Kolohe Andino Goes Night Surfing
Kolohe Andino Goes Night Surfing Working overtime. © Jimmicane
A Disk Jockey
A Disk Jockey "Play Ja Rule next!" said nobody ever. © Jimmicane
Brett Simpson Hooks One
Brett Simpson Hooks One Ain''t it pretty? © Jimmicane
Kolohe Andino Warms Up
Kolohe Andino Warms Up The sun never sets in Bali. © Jimmicane
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