Magic Wands: Chilli's White Rabbit

Yes, we all like small wave chippers, but every now and then you just need a nine-iron to swing.
Magic Wands - Chilli's White Rabbit
By Elliot Struck

Tumble down the Rabbit Hole and you'll find Chilli's Wonderland Series, the crowning jewel of which is the White Rabbit.

"The Wonderland Series is a new concept marrying two boards together, making it easy for you to jump from one to the other," says Chilli. "The White Rabbit is the older brother of the Mad Hatter."

So, what differentiates the White Rabbit? "The nose to tail outline of the WR is super smooth, allowing for easy rail to rail surfing and generating speed," continues Chilli. "The medium single to double concave mixed with the right amount of volume will keep the board stable whilst giving it the grunt of your all rounder. Hop on the the WR for the ride of your life."

That's all good stuff. Ride it with a squash tail in three to six feet, and you'll feel magic under your pink soles.

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