Peaking: Carlos Burle

Follow Carlos for an intense 24-hrs as he prepares for and surfs the swell of the year at Teahupo'o.
By The Editors

"Peaking: Carlos Burle", is the second episode of the series and features Brazilian charger, Carlos Burle, as he prepares for and surfs the swell of the year at Teahupo'o (which, translated, means "broken skull") in Tahiti. The series as a whole follows big wave surfers during the critical 72-hour window leading up to, during and after a big wave contest or major swell event. It's shot in a fly-on-the-wall/cinema verite style, and is meant to paint a very stripped down, honest portrait of who these athletes are and the emotions they go through as they prepare to do the extraordinary. Future installments of "Peaking" are planned for this year around a mixture of Big Wave World Tour contests and other big wave events (such as Red Bull Jaws, Red Bull Cape Fear and Red Bull Mito) as well as strike missions around major swell events at key big wave spots from around the world.

Carlos Burle
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