By The Numbers: Carlos Muñoz’s Strange Brain

When Volcom produces a clip of Costa Rica’s finest export, you damn sure better watch it.
© Brian Bielmann
By Brian Roddy

3:09: Length of the video

47: Seconds in when Carlos confuses us (Seriously, what was that?)

1: Trip Carlos went on to produce this clip (To Hawaii. The rest is from his Costa Rican shores.)

5: Gutsy Hawaiian clips (He will not pull back.)

2: Big airs from the Hawaii trip

86: Carlos’ current standing in the ASP World Ratings (With only three contests in his tally.)

4: Years or less until Carlos is on the World Tour (Prediction. He’s that good.)

1: Backside air (And it destroys every notion that he can’t go left.)

30: Seconds after watching until you’re out the door to go surf with the song from the video stuck in your head (Yeah, it’s one of those.)