Julian Wilson Wins The Mr Price Pro, Ballito

With Jordy Smith finishing runner up. And, what a final showdown it was. All kinds of excellent!

Saturday saw Julian Wilson and Jordy Smith meet in the final of the Mr Price Pro, Ballito. It was a match-up we haven't seen in a while, and one that didn't disappoint. Julian trailed Jordy to begin, until he threw down a frontside reverse for a 7.43, then immediately followed it up with a completely rotated heelside grab alley oop, which scooped him a 10. If that wasn’t enough, he followed up with an 8.93 and had Jordy combo’d needing and 18.94 combined total. Which he didn’t get.

“I’m really happy to get the win,” said Julian. “It’s my third time in Durban and I’ve gotten a good result each time. I really enjoy spending time here, it’s a great place with friendly people where I feel warm and comfortable. It definitely helps with my results. Jordy put the pressure on me at the start but there were plenty of opportunities and I just had to flip the heat and put some scores on the board. That was the first time I’ve landed that air in a contest and I had to do something because I had my back against the wall. I’m stoked I could pull it off and come away with the win.”

Jordy was gracious in defeat: “It was an honour to surf in the final against Julian, I’m just sorry I didn’t win it,” said the South-African. “Julian stuck that air and it was amazing. I went on a trip to Reunion with him and he tried it a million times and didn’t make it and then he goes into the final and sticks it first time!”