Event Preview: 2013 Roxy Pro Biarritz

You don’t have to be fluent in French to know how fantastique Event No. 6 will be
Spot Check - Sally Fitz Brightens Biarritz © Roxy
By Teddy Ward

 Here’s the thing. No matter what they tell you — it’s always a good idea to go to France. The food, the language, the Eifel Tower…the women. Speaking of which, July 10 begins the 5-day waiting period for event No. 6 on the Women’s World Championship Tour. And thank the ghost of Napoleon — we’re back in France. The Roxy Pro at Biarritz, to be exact.

But here’s the other thing. This ain’t your grandma’s Roxy Pro. This is the 2013, did she just land that?, sexified, Carissa vs Tyler, stop what you’re doing Alana’s duck-diving Roxy Pro. And though Tyler Wright’s got a cool 40K points, former world champ Carissa Moore’s nipping at her heels, ready to take back the top spot. With Sally Fitzgibbons also well in the running for No. 1.

And the site’s wave, right there in Biarritz ain’t too shabby either. We’re talking an uber-rippable split peak beach break, the likes of which both goofy and regular footers can flare on. Sure, we’re not expecting gaping tubes or anything, but definitely some head-high sections for the women to throw some tail off. Wouldn’t be surprised if you even see an air-reverse or two…

Oh, and another thing. It’s Biarritz, France, so each day of the comp’s gonna have it’s bulging quota of fun for the fans. Like DJ sets. And live concerts. And a charity run. And autograph signings with your favorite Roxy riders. And did we forget anything? Oh yeah: a motherfreakin’ fireworks show to end it all. As if you didn’t get enough of that on the 4th. Ahh, merci beaucoup, France. You’re the best.

Give yourself a bon voyage, here.

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