Four Things Worth Reading This Week: July 15

Words, pictures and general genius we're loving this week, and believe you will too.
Carlos Munoz, Stale Throw © Surfing Magazine
By Elliot Struck

This week: Carlos Munoz, surfer's girlfriends, ZoSea and more!

1.Surfing Magazine September Issue (In which Carlos Munoz has a starring role). From Surfing Magazine.

Carlos turns on for Surfing Magazine's new issue, scoops a brilliant cover, and is described as the "biggest thing out of Costa Rica since pura vida." This isn't an article as such, but it's a very good video, and one you should watch.

2. The Best Gals Club (In which Stab celebrates the companions of 10 surfers you like). From Stab Magazine.

Stab recently compiled a list of pro surfer's girlfriends, and it is most certainly worthy of your time. The top spot? Julian Wilson's girl, Ashley O.

3. How Pro Surfing Was Sold (The unlikely story behind ZoSea's ASP World Tours). From Surfer Magazine.

Sean Doherty pens (types) a compelling piece for Surfing about the real details surrounding ZoSea's acquisition of the ASP. It's all been a little hazy, but Sean finds clarity. And, you should know everything about the governing body of your favourite sport.

4. Let's Hear It From The Ladies (In which the girls are asked for their Roxy Pro teaser opinions). From Surfing Life.

There's been a lot of controversy around the Roxy Pro, Biarritz teaser of late. But most of it's come from armchair critics. So, to hear what some of the actual competitors have to say is very interesting.

Carlos Muñoz
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