Three Things We're Almost Sure Might Happen At...

The US Open. As wild and unpredictable as the Open may be, here are three things you could bet on.
Adriano de Souza at the US Open of Surfing, in Huntington Beach, CA
Adriano © ASP/Rowland © 2013
By Brian Roddy

Crowd Pleasers: One of the biggest allures of the US Open is the chance to surf in front of the crowd. The event draws hundreds of thousands of people and surfing in it is as close as a professional surfer may ever come to playing in the Superbowl. But instead of dodging grizzly bears of men wearing tights, all a competitor has to do in Huntington is stroke into a few pier bowls. Keep an eye or two out for some psychotic air attempts as the surfers try to wow the crowd.

Oh Brother: Kolohe Andino’s amateur surf career was more decorated than John D. Rockefeller’s Christmas tree. And, wouldn’t you know, a great many of his victories came at the HB pier. Brother knows this wave better than anyone in this event who isn’t named Brett Simpson. Look for him to put this level of comfort, and the spark of nostalgia, to good use.

The Finest Jule: Not like he needs the points, but Julian Wilson is hottest thing on the ASP Prime series right now. Fresh off a win in Ballito, Julian certainly won’t be lacking in confidence at the Open. Plus, he’s got a medley of Mayhems waiting his arrival, and we’ll be damned if at least one of them ain’t magic. Oh, and did we mention he is the defending champion?

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