Evan Geiselman Wins Twitter

As the US Open roars into gear, EG takes some time to appreciate his adoring fans on Twitter.
Evan looking out at the Reef.
An Ev G Assessment © Corey Wilson
By Brian Roddy

The US Open of Surfing is renowned for bringing hoards upon hoards of people to Huntington Beach. Some of these people go to watch the best in the world surf. Others go for the festival of music and free goodies on the beach. But some attendees go strictly in pursuit of an intimate affair with a professional surfer — which could be why some hold this contest so dearly.

After he got all comfy-cozy in his swanky Huntington Beach hotel room for the Open, Evan Geiselman went for a stroll around the Twittersphere. On his virtual stroll, he found himself being courted by fans and US Open groupies. And like any true gentlemen would do, Geiselman re-tweeted some of his fondest tweets. And by the looks of it, his surf celebrity will follow him everywhere this week in Huntington Beach, except maybe the water. By the looks of these tweets, we’ll be damned if he doesn’t find love at the 2013 US Open of Surfing -- that, or get mobbed by an overzealous pack of fans.

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