The New Classics: Surf Survivalists

When Timmy Turner and the boys took surf camps to another level…
Koko Mitsu surfing under a wave curl
Surfing sanctuary
By Teddy Ward

Remember that movie Second Thoughts? That was almost 10 whole years ago. Yeah, that was awesome. My question is — where are the new Timmy Turners out there? Or Brett Schwartzes? Or Travis Potters? Those guys were gnarly. And those guys scored.

Sure, we got Kepa Acero now with the GoPro, but he’s, like 40, and talks to himself a lot. I liked that group of three dynamic that Second Thoughts had going. It was the ultimate buddy system. And that trio most definitely roughed it.

All I’m saying, is that the new Kai Neville movies are great and all, but I want that rugged voyage back. I want that “let’s paddle across this 3 mile bay and see what we can find on the other side”-vibe back that Turner and Co. had. Those mother--kers were discoverers. Adventurers. They were the opposite of the know before you go safety generation we live in today.

I know that they did another one in Alaska since that, but I wasn’t as interested. Burrrrrr, right? I want three new heroes back in the tropics. Madagascar, or the Solomon Islands, or India, perhaps? Because adventure like that is perpetually classic.

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