Three’s Company, Five’s a Party: Evan Geiselman

The five — not three — people that the golden man would love to rap out with.

US Open of Surfing
© Damea Dorsey

Evan Geiselman is a tasteful little Floridian. His list of five contains a little bit of everything: a historical figure, an NBA star, a darling young celebrity, the most fun-loving musician of this generation and a somewhat overweight surf journalist. Like we said — a lot of taste, this young Floridian.

George Washington: He seems like a real standup guy.

Lebron James: Who doesn’t want to meet the King?

Selena Gomez: I hope it’d escalate into something more than just a drink. Not gonna get too specific.

Jimmy Buffet: It would be literally impossible not to have a good time.

Brendan Buckley: He has nice hair and isn’t that fat.