Photos: Billabong Pro Tahiti, Day 2

An onslaught of perfection arrives with some swell in authentic Teahupo'o tubes.

Despite a dismal swell forecast, Day 2 of the Billabong Pro Tahiti surpassed all expectations for the 2013 event. For starters, we saw three ten point rides — compliments of Mick Fanning, John John Florence and Jeremy Flores — and a slew of waves that were inches away from that elusive perfect score. We saw glorious foamball rides and gruesome wipeouts. We saw real Teahupo’o, and my goodness, was it tasty.

Standouts of the Day: Well, you’d have to give a nod to the three gentlemen who netted those tens. It certainly takes more than a head-dip to earn that kind of a score from that meticulous staff of judges.

Honorable Mentions: Kai Otton had one of the best heats of his life, chalking up a total of 19.06 points. Staying alive, that goofyfooted Australian. Kelly Slater managed to earn 18.97 points in his destruction of wildcard Anthony Walsh, which came as a surprise to absolutely no one. Josh Kerr also dutifully posted two rides above the 9-point range in his heat.

What to Watch For: Title hopes. Jordy Smith, Mick Fanning and Kelly Slater do not want to lose this contest. All three surfers have their eyes set on that shiny old 2013 crown, and the claws are just now coming out. It’d be Jordy’s first title, Mick’s third or Kelly’s 12th. We’ll leave it up to them to decide who wants it the most.