Surfing Hard Knocks: Who Will Make the Big League?

Creeping into the next Prime event, the WCT will soon make spaces for new faces.
Marc Lacamare surfing in Casuarina.
Marc Lacamare Surfing in Casuarina © Shorty/Red Bull Content Pool
By Teddy Ward

Ain’t no more 6-stars, fellas. Just four more delicious slabs of Prime beef. The remaining 4 of 8 Prime events to qualify a few lucky contenders into the major leagues (WCT) -- two in Portugal and two in Hawaii. With a break in August after the US Open, the next chance to stack them points isn’t 'til September 3 in the Azores Islands off Portugal.

Because there’s no more 6-stars, the next few Primes are basically the only chances ‘CT hopefuls will have before the year’s end. Five ‘QS grinders in particular though, have built a sturdy foundation for a hopeful ‘CT house in 2014. The following five very well might make the big show:

1. Aritz Aranburu

As of now, this feisty, vibrant Spaniard from the Basque Country is ranked 18 in the world. He is literally a contest machine and would fit quite nicely on the WCT. With the next two Primes in Europe, he’ll be very familiar, already having surfed these Portuguese and Azorean breaks many times prior.

2. Mitch Coleborn

Once and still known for his sought-after freesurfing and Kai Neville movie parts, Aussie Mitch Coleborn is currently ranked 21 in the world. Just like 2012, this year he’s made a solid effort on the ‘QS, winning the Prime in Brazil, putting him in a solid position to qualify. And, there was also that 10 he nailed as a wildcard in the Fiji event.

3. Mitch Crews

Aussie Mitch Crews is the definition of a grinder. This year, he’s put the parties to the side and has entered any “star” event he can find on top of Primes, putting him comfortably at 22 in the World Rankings. He even won a wildcard into the Hurley Pro at Lowers just to get a sneak peak at competing against the world’s best.

4. Marc Lacomare

This fit Frenchman is currently ranked 23 in the world and hopes to join his countryman and close friend Jeremy Flores on tour. As the next two Prime events are in Europe, he’ll have plenty of time to get to know the breaks and practice before the other competitors even show up.

5. Granger Larsen

Although Maui boy Granger Larsen isn’t quite in the clear at 32nd in the World Rankings, the last two Primes on Oahu should help his campaign. Every year he excels in Hawaii at both Haleiwa and Sunset and might not only get a spot on the ‘CT, but also a gem or two in the Triple Crown.

Did we get it right? Who else do you think will make the cut? Comment below.

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