A Delicious Sliver of the Internet: Mick and Pals!

Come to Lower Trestles and see Mick Fanning (and co) bring light to mid-summer gloom…
Mick's Morning Slice © Jimmicane
By Derek Rielly

Apples and hugs and sharing iPhone screens and biceps kissed and pectorals cupped! Isn't it just the way when friends go surfing together?

This charming short by Dragon sunglasses shows Owen Wright, Taylor Knox, Ace Buchan and Mick Fanning on a small-to-medium day at Lower Trestles in San Clemente.

Kiss here

Owen shows why we miss him so from the tour (herniated disc), Ace demonstrates the most classic of lines, Taylor is a swordsman (and oh-so-limber for his fifty-something years!) and then there's…Mick.

What seems to be a curvier-than-usual board allows the two-time world champ to collect re-entries and top turns like a child collects baseball cards. Hundreds!

This short is the antithesis of slick and it's a three-and-a-half-minute ad for Dragon but there's something in its lack of refinement and the loose-nature of the surfing that temporarily excites.

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